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Waterfall (Schweiz) - 1 Alben

Black Rills Records in Switzerland specializes in recovering lost prog recordings of Swiss bands, re-mastering them and re-releasing them on CD. Other releases reviewed in the GEPR included Kedama, Rumple Stiltzken Comune, Starglow Energy, Lizard and Welcome. On the good side, the quality of Waterfall is as good or better than any of the other Black Rills releases, and the music is pretty good. On the downside, these songs don't seem very progressive to me at all. They're interesting '70's rock with a large dose of folk and R&B. The closest thing to a prog tune is the album closer, "Waterfall - The Unknown Light" which at least has the requisite length, clocking in at 13:40.

The most memorable tune is the gimmicky second cut, "Play Hiding", where the band members make deep-sounding statements about themselves, and a huge stadium-full of people wildly applaud at everything they say. Something on the order of "We're young, we're beautiful, and we sure aren't wrong [wild applause]." It's fun, and surely indicates that the band aren't taking themselves too seriously ... perhaps even poking fun at those who do.

Waterfall is a re-release of an album that had only a limited pressing ("We got caught at customs trying to smuggle the first 500 copies into Switzerland"). The whole album was recorded in Italy on a budget of 7000 (I don't know if this was Dollars, Lira or Swiss Francs), including mastering and pressing the vinyl. Considering this, the recording is good, but consists only of guitars, bass and vocals by composer Corry Knobel with Eliano Galbati on precussion and a couple of guests playing a bit of piano. The album is short, but the CD also includes two bonus tracks recorded the year before in a Swiss studio. Even with these, the CD's length is only a bit over half an hour.

Waterfall will never become anyone's favorite album, but it's not bad. If you're going to order something else from Black Rills anyway, you might as well give this one a try too. --
(Quelle:, Fred Trafton )

Waterfall (Schweiz)
Waterfall LP,CD

01. Remember Mitch (5:02)
02. Play hiding (4:03)
03. What will we becom (3:15)
04. Mother Nature says (3:19)
05. Waterfall - the unknown light (13:40)