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Referenzen: Schwab, Siegfried

Vampire' Sound Incorporation - 2 Alben

Something of a curiosity these days, the ‘Psychedelic Dance Party’ album was recorded at Audio Tonstudio, Berlin under the leadership of SIEGFRIED SCHWAB
and MANFRED HÜBLER (they wrote all 11 tracks). Indeed the album had an appropriate title; it consisted of a weird kind of instrumental up-beat music, utilising sound effects, electric guitar and brass. The actual players, except for SCHWAB and HÜBLER, are not listed on the cover, which had a female version of Dracula on the front. In a way this album is musically similar to the Bokaj Retsiem's (Rainer Degner) equally strange album ‘Psychedelic Underground’, even down to the fact that both albums had recurring themes: ‘Psychedelic Underground’ had the ‘Meister Jakob’- theme linking all tracks, whereas ‘Psycho Contact’ linked all tracks on ‘Psychedelic Dance Party’....
[Dag Erik Asjbørnsen, Cosmic Dreams At Play, 1996]

An obscure 60's psychedelic exploitation band, notable for featuring SIEGFRIED SCHWAB wab, aptly playing a music is of that eccentric Wolfgang Dauner ‘Oimels’ style, yet so much more chic and clichéd. As SCHWAB went on to work with Dauner, no doubt this is where much the eccentric psychedelia came from! A recent CD issue, a film soundtrack called ‘The Sexedelic Dance Party’, also features THE VAMPIRES' SOUND INCORPORATION recordings, along with other cheesy jazz and psychedelic pop.
[Steven & Alan Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996]

Vampire' Sound Incorporation
Sexadelic Dance Party 7"

01. Sexadelic Dance Party

Vampire' Sound Incorporation
Psychedelic Dance Party LP,

01. The Lions And The Cucumber
02. Psycho Contact - pt. 1
03. There's No Satisfaction
04. Psycho Contact - pt. 2
05. The Message
06. Psycho Contact - pt. 3
07. Ghosts Or Good Or Bad Onions
08. Psycho Contact pt. 4
09. Countdown To Nowhere
10. Psycho Contact pt. 5
11. Droge CX 9