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Tanned Leather - 6 Alben

This was a music project based in Munich and led by RAINER PIETSCH. “Child Of Never Ending Love” (1972) was an ambitious adult oriented soft-rock album that came in a fold-out cover with a cute drawing of angelic small children - as good as the artwork used on the British Harvest label! TANNED LEATHER indeed comprised three Germans and three Englishmen. The album is of average quality and not exactly progressive rock! Their second album “Saddle Soap” (1976) is even less exciting, I'm afraid. It contained country-flavoured rock with few interesting moments. The group was now reduced to a vocal quartet. The list of renowned studio musicians participating on it was almost endless. Here are some of them: PAUL VINCENT (guitar), KEITH FORSEY (drums), THOR BALDURSSON (keyboards), ANDY MARX (guitar), KLAUS WEISS (percussion), DAVE KING (bass), KARL ALLAUT (guitar) and STEFAN WISSNET (bass). On most tracks brass, strings and a symphony orchestra was added too.
[Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Cosmic Dreams At Play, 1996]

It would seem as if TANNED LEATHER were a deliberate attempt to emulate the softer folky acts on British Harvest. In fact, TANNED LEATHER did sound English. Their music was soft and lyrical, with a few stand-out tracks on their debut, but they were similarly patchy like their British counterparts Forest or Battered Ornaments. In between their two albums, ANDY MARX worked with the band Cherubin, and also worked as a soloist. The reformation album “Saddle Soap” was vastly inferior to the earlier album.
[Steven & Alan Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996]

Tanned Leather
Child Of Never Ending Love LP,CD

01. Feelin' Tired 4:49
02. Sunshine Lady 3:43
03. King Of The Misunderstood 6:28
04. Jesus May Help You 3:33
05. I Came Home 3:48
06. On A Rainbow 5:03
07. Spinning Round 3:30
08. I Won't Talk 1:01
09. Thanks For The Child 5:28

Tanned Leather
Sunshine lady / Jesus may help you 72

01. Sunshine lady
02. Jesus may help you

01. Greyhound, Take Me Home To San Francisco Pt. 1 + 2

Tanned Leather
Saddle Soap LP

01. You Blew It If You Do It
02. Country Boy
03. A Hard Road Back To Georgia
04. Alright It's Alright
05. Donna Do You Wanna
06. Greyhound Take Me Home In San Francisco
07. Please Come From Forever
08. Calvin Jones
09. St. Johns River

01. Please Come Home Forever
02. Calvin Jones

01. You Blew It If You Do It
02. Country Boy