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Sand (Berlin) - 1 Alben

Originating from lower Saxony, the musicians of SAND were like many Berlin bands, being people drawn there by the unique possibilities Berlin had to offer. An early incarnation, as a five piece band, were known as P.O.T. (Part Of Time) who toured extensively, and settled for a while in Cologne, but never released anything. So, as a trio (without the bassist or drummer) SAND were formed in 1972 when they moved base to Berlin. Inspired by the spirit of the scene in Berlin, they went out of their way to be as original as they could.

SAND only made the one album: GOLEM, which has remained a little-known obscurity, due to being issued as one of the special projects organised for the Kunstkopf demonstration series on Delta-Acustic. Notable for being produced by Klaus Schulze, and also the unique creation of combining cosmic synthesizer, folk and rock musics, sans drums or any conventional instrumental structures, GOLEM is a mystical album rich with the creative spirit of the era. A little hint of Pink Floyd here and there, and obvious Schulze influence, are the only references I could quote as pointers. A really trippy album, with swirling string-synthesizers, cosmic electronics, beyond the nether regions of
cosmic Witthüser+Westrupp. Magic!
[Steven & Alan Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996] siehe auch: []

Sand (Berlin)
Golem LP,CD

01. Helicopter 13.42
02. Old Loggerhead 8.23
03. May Rain 4.35
04. On The Corner 4.30
05. Sarah 10.41
CD Bonustracks
06. Vulture 1 5.38
07. Doncha Feel 6.04
08. Moonlightlove 5.26
09. Burning House 2.08
10. Vulture II 14.08
11. May Rain I 2.50
12. Desert Storm 10.49
13. Sarah 12.16
14. Power Station 19.40
15. Old Loggerhead 12.44
16. Helicopter 15.18
17. May Rain II 2.50