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Neu: KROKODIL - An Invisible World Revealed - CD 1971 Digipack Krokodil Records.
Neu: VARIOUS - Love & Peace 1970 - 2 LP Longhair.
Neu: STAGG - Swf - Session 1974 - LP Longhair.
Neu: NEKTAR - Megalomania - LP 2018 Sireena.

Psi (Mainz) - 1 Alben

PSI, formed in 1975, has come meanwhile right up front in the German JAZZ-ROCK-elite. Original compositions and arrangements give a sound that can only be described as PSI, and brings the group though as a living element in our music scene. The LP in question is an attractive summary of two and a half years existence. The routines of the band members, their originally and spontaneity together with elaborate compositions make PSI a richly varied and captivating listening experience.
[Info Backcover der LP “Horizonte”, 1977]

A typically German jazz-rock band, drawing on the Bavarian school of MISSUS BEASTLY, PASSPORT, MUNJU et al., but also taking a more progressive rock angle with KRAAN touches. They only made one album, and nothing is known of their history, except that MATTHIAS FREY later became profilic with his own band and solo projects.
[Steven & Alam Freeman, T he Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996]

An obscure jazz-rock group from Mainz, influenced by artists like PASSPORT, RELEASE MUSIC ORCHESTRA and KRAAN.... all seven compositions on the album were by MATTHIAS FREY. A pleasant instrumental jazz-rock album... it had a characteristic late seventies sound...
[Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Cosmic Dreams At Play, 1996]

Psi (Mainz)
Horizonte LP

01. Unter der Schürze liegt die Würze (2:27)
02. Bettgeräusche (5:26)
03. Horizonte (7:28)
04. Elektrisch Kall-Heinzje (5:02)
05. Urschrei (2:04)
06. Breikopf (8:35)
07. a) Drall b) Arkadash (9:25)