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Night Sun - 1 Alben

Largely undocumented, the history of NIGHT SUN come out of the melting pot of bands from the Mannheim area, interconnected with the likes of Kin Ping Meh and Twenty Sixty Six And Then. Many musicians passed through the band during their three year existence, including ex-British army servicemen based in Germany. Not surprisingly, NIGHT SUN had a very British heavy style, with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin influences, spiced up by Teutonic fusion and psychedelic touches. They only recorded the one album. BRUNO SCHAAB went on to Guru Guru, and KNUT RÍSSLER stepped into his oeuvre in the jazz-rock band Chameleon.
[Steven & Alan Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996]

Night Sun
Mournin' LP,CD

01. Plastic Shotgun
02. Crazy woman
03. Got A Bone Of My Own
04. Slush Pan Man
05. Living With The Dying
06. Come Down
07. Blind
08. Nightmare
09. Don't start flying