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Ivory - 1 Alben

The classical conductor Ulrich SOMMERLATTE was more than sixty years old when he fell in love with Progressive rock. Not unlike a certain Eduard ARTEMIEV, who followed a similar path at the same time in the Soviet Union, our man decided to offer his great knowledge to the popular music of that era. Today reissued by the Musea label, "Sad Cypress" has been recorded in 1979 with the help of the Master's son on keyboards, a guitarist-singer, a drummer and a flautist-bassist. The result, as one could expect, is a superb symphonic rock, precious and refined, full of fineness and harmonic tricks. The influences range from GENESIS (above all) to YES, CAMEL and GENTLE GIANT. Add to this that the CD reissue includes four bonus tracks, recorded between 1983 and 1987. This CD can be put in the same category as GANDALF's electronic symphonic music. A curiosity to be discovered !

Sad cypress LP

01. At This Very Moment
02. In Hora Ultima
03. Sad Cypress
04. Time Traveller
05. My Brother