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Floating Opera - 1 Alben

...a local band from Kirchheim/Teck who made a mainstream heavy rock album at ‘Spygel’ Studio between November 1980 and February 1981. The line-up was: ROLF DIETZ – guitar; PETER GARATTONI – drums; ANDREAS ULBRICHT – vocals, percussion; and a session bassist. Their album was released on ‘Sri Lanca’, a sister label to ‘Rockport’. The heavy guitar-oriented rock came with many solos and had powerful production. There were also a couple of obligatory ballads. The album is not likely to touch your deepest heart strings, but was well crafted.
[Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Cosmic Dreams At Play, 1996]

Floating Opera
Floating opera LP

01. Floating opera
02. Pig bee trap
03. Ride in the night
04. Transformation
05. Soul man
06. Fading heroes
07. Coming home to you