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Creative Rock (Bielefeld) - 2 Alben


Formed in late 1969, as The Bourbon Street Paraders, and inspired by the American rock-soul-jazz movement (i.e. Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago, et al.) and the likes of Colosseum and Nucleus from Britain, Creative Rock went on to develop a unique repertoire. A couple of years on, and after numerous personnel changes, but still with a nucleus of original members, a demo tape sent to Metronome gained them a contract. Promptly, they changed name to Creative Rock - a misnomer as their music contained much more jazz! Not unlike early Emergency, but with a good deal more invention and a powerful lead singer, their debut GORILLA was barely recognisable as German rock, yet despite this it was still rather good, full of complex brass arrangements and a most energetic rhythm section. LADY PIG followed in a similar, but heavier vein, with a bit more experimentation. The last we know of Creative Rock was that in 1975 they were touring with an adventurous rock ballet production called "Die Creative Rock-Dekadenz-Show".
(A crack in the cosmic egg)

Creative Rock (Bielefeld)
Gorilla LP,CD

01. Natron
02. A horseman's morningsong
03. Tapeworm
04. Hear what I'm talking
05. Blind people
06. This world between 6 and 8 a.m.
07. Wunderbar
08. Preußens Gorilla

Creative Rock (Bielefeld)
Lady Pig LP,CD

01. Lady Pig (5:06)
02. Autumn And Winds (8:40)
03. I Use To Use (3:37)
04. Palm Beach Medium Finger (2:35)
05. Evening Adventure (3:50)
06. Black Woman (6:55)
07. It’s Alright (10:30)
08. Strullsinfonie (0:10)

© für alle Fotos: Steve Haggerty 2003

© für alle Fotos: Steve Haggerty 2003

© für alle Fotos: Steve Haggerty 2003