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Circus (Schweiz) - 4 Alben

From Basel, Switzerland, CIRCUS had much success in Europe, with three studio albums and a document of them in concert (which we presume to be a bootleg). Formed in 1972, CIRCUS took time to refine and hone their style, a complex rock with jazz and classical angles, and a rather unique instrumentation. Yes, remarkably, CIRCUS played rock music without any electric guitars or keyboards, instead they used processed bass guitar and wind instruments. Undoubtedly, they were influenced by British progressive rock of the late-60's/early-70's, with references to Jethro Tull, King Crimson and (especially in the instrumentation) Van Der Graaf Generator.
Their debut was a promising first step, though it didn't quite reveal their potential, being a mite too lyrical. MOVIN' ON however, has become regarded as their classic, featuring lengthy tracks, with complex arrangements, dynamics, superb instrumentals and unusually crafted songs.
Three years on, and with a more conventional instrumentation, the third album FEARLESS, TEARLESS & EVEN LESS took them closer to Genesis realms.
CIRCUS, later transmuted into Blue Motion. Marco Cerletti now makes jazz and ethnic fusion, playing the Chapman Stick.
[Steven & Alan Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, 1996]

Circus (Schweiz)
Circus LP

01. Stormsplinter 2:45
02. Novdays 10:49
03. Sundays 6:56
04. Dawntalk 5:07
05. Room For Sale 15:07

Circus (Schweiz)
Movin' On LP

01. The bandsman
02. Laughter lane
03. Loveless time
04. Dawn
05. Movin' on

Circus (Schweiz)
All-Star Band Live LP

01. Eight Miles On A Highway (10:30)
02. Drivin' Wheel (6:00)
03. Andante Maestoso/Rondo Furioso (5:47)
04. Augusta Rauricorum (19:00)

Circus (Schweiz)
Fearless, tearless & even less LP

01. The Night Step (3:48)
02. Leave It Or Love It (7:33)
03. Berlin (5:04)
04. Fearless,Tearless And Even Less (4:15)
05. Hearts And Spaces (9:40)
06. Manaslu (12:16)