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Circles (Frankfurt) - 2 Alben

In the late 1970s and through the 1980s there was a lot happening on the German "post Krautrock underground" that few people knew about, lots of independent artists doing their own thing, either via small labels or doing it themselves. Circles were one of these bands.

Based on the Frankfurt suburbs, they consisted of the multi-instrumental duo of Dierk Leitert (synthesizer, sequencer, drums, bass, guitar, voice, saxophone, flute) and Mike Bohrmann (guitars, bass, synthesizer) plus a few collaborators. Carrying the torch of 70s bands like Cluster, Harmonia or Liliental into the 80s, Circles were also contemporaries of groups like Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch and Nurse With Wound so you can also expect some similarities in their music.

“Circles” was their first album, released in 1983 as a private pressing on their tiny Einhorn label, housed in a cool and mysterious looking cover. This little known but excellent kraut/psych/experimental album is highly recommended to anyone into Harmonia, Cluster, Fripp / Eno, Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, Neu!, Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, Irmin Schmidt, Amon Düül II…

Circles (Frankfurt)
Circles CD,LP

01. Einblicke 3:22
02. Viele Wege 3:30
03. Chant 2:44
04. Rockola 4:08
05. 10º Unter Null 5:23
06. Troflut 4:40
07. Reibend 3:23
08. Intermezzo 0:21
09. A) Woistich 8:03
    B) Umgedreht 3:44

Circles (Frankfurt)
More Circles CD,LP

01. Minimal Instant 1:12
02. A) Several Steps Leading Through Different Rooms 9:44
03. B) Escapades 3:29
04. Tripletwin 1:38
05. Paris Cut 4:07
06. Mental Dart 5:02
07. Trio Atonale 2:54
08. Tranquilo Gonzales 6:25
09. Sequences 4:04
10. Consequences 2:20
11. Spiral Dance 5:22