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Ausserhalb (Berlin) - 1 Alben

Lesbians from West Berlin playing Experimental Rock. Quite a promising title, and amazingly, "Rock Experimentell" is just that, and not some moderately offbeat Deutschrock S..t - however, the experimentation here is not of the prog or Krautrock kind, but firmly In the dark NDW tradition with rollicking rhythmic lines colliding with each other and dispassionate female vocals engaging into some kind of doomy soliloquy on top of that. The album is not particularly Avant-Garde, mostly staying within the confines of pop tradition, but it's definitely not your average mid-1980s LP either.

Ausserhalb (Berlin)
Rock Experimentell LP

01. Zeitzelle
02. Hochspannung
03. Wir werden euch nie lieben
04. We don't need the man
05. Du glaubst zuviel
06. Best man
07. Mahnmal
08. 12 minus 1
09. Irrenhaus