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ACI - 2 Alben

This was some unknown soloist, hiding behind a pseudonym, backed by top session musicians. ACI presented a synthesized instrumental rock similar to Richard Schneider Jnr., on his Fata Morgana, stylistically between Pink Floyd mid-70's spaciness, Kraftwerk, later Can type fusion, and even a little Jean Michel Jarre thrown in for good measure. The concoction resulted in a rather lightweight album, with the accent on rhythm and melody.
(Quelle: A crack in the cosmic egg)

Tiefenrausch LP

01. Reise 5:17
02. Tiefenrausch 4:57
03. Deutsche Welle 5:11
04. Sonnenstrahl 5:02
05. Drachenflug 5:44
06. Impuls 5:27
07. Umlaufbahn 4:48
08. Ellipse 4:32

01. Tiefenrausch
02. Drachenflug